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Top 5 Reasons for Garage Door Failures During Cold Weather

Jan 16 2024

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Overall, regular servicing of a garage door in cold weather helps maintain its functionality, safety, and longevity, ensuring it operates smoothly and efficiently throughout the winter season. But when you have issues, Cold Weather can really put a kink in your door's ability to perform.

Please call Wagner Garage Door for Emergency Service right away. Continuing to operate a door that seems to not be operating properly can and will cause much bigger issues in the not to distant future.

1. Frozen Components:

Cold weather can cause certain parts of the garage door, such as springs, cables, or rollers, to freeze or become stiff, preventing them from moving properly. This can eventually lead to the door failing to open or close.

2. Contraction of Materials:

When the temperature drops, some materials used in garage doors, like metal or wood, can contract. This contraction may result in misaligned tracks, warping, or cracking, which can affect the garage door's operation.

3. Lubrication Problems:

Cold weather can cause the lubricants used in garage door systems to thicken or harden, reducing their effectiveness. This can lead to slower or jerky movements, increased friction, and ultimately, garage door failure.

4. Electrical Issues:

Extreme cold temperatures can affect the electrical components of the garage door opener, such as photo-eye sensors or control units. Freezing temperatures may cause wires to become brittle or connectors to fail, resulting in intermittent or complete malfunction of the opener system.

5. Battery Drain:

In cold weather, batteries used in garage door openers may discharge faster than usual. If the battery gets too weak, it can fail to provide enough power to operate the garage door effectively, leading to issues with opening or closing.


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