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What To Expect, When You're Expecting... A New Garage Door!

Dec 11 2023

Congratulations, you're buying a new garage door! Whether you're replacing an existing door or choosing doors for the new home you're building, it's an exciting decision. After all, it is the largest moving part on your house and will likely be the entrance you and your family use most often. Shopping for a garage door isn't an everyday occasion. For many people, it's a once in a lifetime purchase. Invest in and maintain a high-quality garage door and it will last years.

1. Who sells garage doors?

Independent professional authorized dealers, such as Wagner Door Co., as well as big box retailers.

2. Where do I start my research?

Browse manufacturer websites like Clopay, local dealer websites, Pinterest, Instagram, Houzz, and visit dealer showrooms to see the doors in person. Also see this helpful Residential Garage Door Buying Guide.

3. How much should I budget for a new garage door?

It depends on the number of doors, the door size, construction material, insulation type and decorative options like windows and the stain or paint finish. It is best to reach out to a professional like Wagner Door Co. for a free estimate.

4. What is involved in replacing my garage door?

A professional from Wagner Door Co. will come to your home to measure the opening and talk to you about your needs in terms of maintenance, energy efficiency, track design, budget and style.

We will take a picture and show you different door options on your home using a program like Clopay's MyDoor. You can make changes based on your preferences and can design, price, and order your door from your kitchen table.

You don't have to wait for an appointment to start exploring design options. Use Clopay's online Door Imagination System to upload a photo of your home to see how different styles impact the curb appeal.

5. How long does it take for my door to arrive?

The exciting thing about getting a new garage door is that installation is done in a day. Doors take about two to four weeks to arrive after ordering. Wagner's professional installers will remove and haul away your old door and track, and install the new door. Everything needed for your door comes with it. Old track, springs, and hardware are not reused.

6. What do I need to do to prepare my house for installation?

While it may be an opportunity to clean out and reorganize the garage, it isn't necessary. You'll need to park cars elsewhere for a few hours and make sure trash cans, bikes toys and any other large items are outside the garage or moved to the very back of it, out of the way of the door opening, track and opener.

7. Will my current garage door opener work with the new door or do I have to buy a new one?

Your garage door opener should work with your new door if it's in good condition. The opener is just a motor. The spring that comes with the door is what balances and opens the door and it is designed to support the weight of the specific door model.

Many people do not realize openers are not part of the garage door itself. They are sold separately. Newer models have battery back-up and can be operated through your smart phone, so it's worth exploring the convenience of the latest technology if you don't have it.


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Article adapted from original article on Clopay Door Blog, here.

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